Education Reform as a Disruptive Technology

This weekend I am participating in a conference put on by the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity on School Choice.  After touring two schools this morning we are listening to a talk by Derrell Bradford from Better Education for Kids.  He has made the case that Education Reform and School Choice is a disruptive technology, and as always there is an institutional fighting of this change.

He started his talk by showing a slide of the HMV Music Store in Times Square, and talking about how pre 2001 you got your music, by going to a record store.  He then showed Napster, which was completely disruptive to HMV, but illegal.  Quickly Apple legalized the model through purchase and completely changed the space.  He gave a similar talk at TEDx in Hoboken which can be seen on the YouTube below:

He argues that the current school system in the United States is like the old HMV model, stuck in the past a 150 year old system which doesn’t fit with the way the world works today.  He argues that Charter Schools, and interestingly remote learning is disrupting their model and thats why they are fighting.

He insists that in order to tell the story to parents about why parental choice is important. Tell the consumer story.  So far an interesting conference. I’ll keep you updated.  You can see the twitter stream from the conference below.

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  • Every day I read one or more new stories of educator malpractice in school. It goes past indoctrination into the realm of negligent child abuse.

    Schools are not for children; they are rackets run by teachers unions. Period. If your kid gets out of K-12 without bring a mush-brained lefty idiot, it has nothing to do with school and everything to do with parenting.

    School choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st century. And as usual Democrats are fighting hard on the other side. And I have to give the Deval his due for his tepid support for choice.