Deval Patrick Tells David Gregory RomneyCare “Has Not Broken The Budget”

Kimberly Atkins, not exactly a right wing conservative, has a great column in today’s Boston Herald, where she claims Mitt Romney cleaned Deval Patrick’s clock on Obamacare.

The anger Romney expressed over the comparison Obama made between the Bay State health care measure that 
Romney signed into law and 
Obamacare was echoed by former U.S. senator – and possible future candidate for something – Scott Brown.

“I tell you what, when the president was in Boston, it made my blood boil thinking he’s comparing the Massachusetts plan to the federal plan. Two different plans,” Brown said yesterday during his talking head gig on “Fox News Sunday” … while dodging questions about his own political future.

Gov. Deval Patrick, usually one of the president’s most eloquent defenders, gave the counterpoint to Romney’s attack on “Meet the Press” – but revealed what a tough job Democrats will have remaining optimistic about Obamacare if problems continue to persist.

What she missed, in an otherwise outstanding column is the following whopper of a lie from Deval Patrick.  The whopper comes at 0:49 of the clip below.

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Patrick says that the Massashchusetts Health Care Plan “has not broken our budget.”  That is a very odd statement.  Wasn’t the whole reason he pushed cost (price) control legislation, that was unfortunately supported by a good number of our Republican legislators, last legislative session.  Lets look at the actual data shall we?

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The amount of people that have shifted to our free care pool, or Medicaid has skyrocketed in Massachusetts since passing the law, and has contributed to a dramatic increase in the Massachusetts budget. The Boston Globe reported in 2011.  

Governor Deval Patrick approved a record $9.6 billion last July for the state’s health insurance program for the poor – sufficient, he assumed, to last a year. But the program’s costs quickly outpaced expectations, forcing the governor to approve an additional $329 million in October and then seek $258 million more, which lawmakers approved last week.

And even that may not last, with six months remaining in the budget year.

The ballooning cost of Medicaid is one of the biggest challenges facing Massachusetts and other states, which have seen demand for the program jump during the recession as increasing numbers of unemployed residents enroll in the subsidized insurance plan.

With Massachusetts confronting an estimated $1.5 billion shortfall in the coming budget year, Patrick has said he is committed to financing the program, known as MassHealth. But he has acknowledged that it cannot continue to grow at this rate.

That is almost 1/3 of the entire budget spent on Medicaid.  In addition, private premiums outpaced the nation because of mandates of coverage.  This has contributed to businesses and individuals leaving the state for better opportunities elsewhere.  

So medicare was responsible for a $1.5B budget shortfall, according to the Boston Globe but it didn’t break the budget?  How Deval Patrick can lie with such a straight face is pretty amazing.  

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