Boston GOP Chair Brad Williams Endorses John Connolly for Mayor

The Chairman of the Boston Republican City Committee yesterday sent out an email urging Republicans to vote for John Connolly in tomorrow’s Boston Mayoral Election.  Here is the Email.

—— Forwarded message follows ——-

Date sent:      Sun, 3 Nov 2013 22:04:47 -0500

Subject:        65,000 strong for the Mayor’s Race

From:   Brad Williams


On Tuesday, we head to the polls to elect the next mayor of Boston and the first new

face in 20 years. As a Republican looking at both candidates, it is easy to get

discouraged, but there is a clear choice for Republicans and the 65,000 voters who

voted for Scott Brown in November 2012. VOTE JOHN CONNOLLY for


John Connolly is a strong education supporter and perhaps, the change agent Boston

needs to solve our education conundrum.He has already voted against the teacher’s

union as a City Councilor. He wants a more transparent and responsive and tech

savvy City Hall. He is committed to changing the small business environment and

improving the overall business climate in Boston. Education, transparency and small

business almost make him sound sound like a Republican. He is not, but on these

issues he is very good. You may find issues you don’t agree with him on, but

politics is a team sport. Many Republicans have been a big part of his fundraising

team and donor base, Both of his parents had close connection to the Weld and

Cellucci administrations. Our statewide candidates may have an easier go of it in

Boston with John Connolly as mayor.

Marty Walsh is a nice guy, but his politics are divisive, his union connections

worrisome and his voting record for transparent, good government, low taxes and

small business is abysmal. See his Legislative Scorecard from Mass Fiscal below.

He is rated a 3% for his recent votes.



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