AG Candidate Hank Naughton’s Press Release Erroneously Says Early Voting Bill Passed “Unanimously”

UPDATE: Naughton’s office used a template from Speaker Bob DeLeo’s office that had the erroneous information on it.  Look for the email to be posted on RMG later today. – Rob Eno

On Friday November 22, 2013 Representative Harold P. “Hank” Naughton’s staff sent out a press release on the passage of H. 3777 “An Act Relative to Election Laws”.  The press release stated that the bill passed unanimously.  A copy of the press release is after the jump.

As Red Mass Group previously reported the bill in fact passed 142-10, with 10 GOP members voting against the bill.  Merriam-Webster defines unanimous as:

unan·i·mous adjective yu̇-ˈna-nə-məs\

: agreed to by everyone

: having the same opinion

If ten people out of 152 don’t agree, then that’s not unanimous.  Hopefully for Representative Naughton’s sake he and his team will be more truthful with facts as he runs for Attorney General.  We already have an Attorney General who is having some trouble with the facts.

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