You can grow tobacco in Massachusetts….And NO taxes!

What does a pack of cigarettes cost these days?  I think between state taxes and federal taxes the cost must be about $100 per pack…:)  All right, it ain’t a $100 per pack, but it must be really expensive, right?  Well it is and here is a link that shows the state minimum prices allowed.  The average is somewhere between $8 and $10 per pack!  WTF!

So why not grow your own?  It’s legal in Massachusetts.  Nobody would know if you were growing it anyway.  It kinda looks like a big wide leaf plant and to be perfectly honest it is a very attractive plant.  It looks like a cross between a corn stalk and a fern.  Its easy to grow and you can buy the seeds at any number of places on the Internet – without all the taxes!  The price for seeds on many Internet sights is from 50 to 200 seeds for $7 to $10.  That is about 1/5,000th the price of store bought..

Best of all is that the stuff you grow yourself has no chemical additives – and no freakin taxes baby!!!  There are hundreds of different types and many will grow in Massachusetts quite well.

‘Gee V3PN, you sure know a lot about this subject.  You must be a smoker!’.  Nope never smoked in my entire life and never plan to.  But I hate like hell that government at every level has demonized the poor people that do smoke.  Good hardworking people who very simply like the taste of a cigarette or cigar have been forced to pay outrageous taxes because tobacco is bad for your health.  Well ya know what – donuts are bad for your health, and so are lollipops, candy bars and just about everything else we find in the fast food or candy aisle at the supermarket.  But we don’t clobber them with taxes do we?  

I don’t like the smell of tobacco smoke.  I don’t hang around with people who do smoke.  But I support their right to smoke and to do so without the shame placed on them by a nanny state mentality.

Start growing your own tobacco people.  Grow it for all to see.  Next year my garden is going to have tobacco in it.  I will give it to anyone that uses tobacco and I will do so as a sign of protest against a government that increasingly sticks its nose into everything we do – and taxes everything that it can.  I have made my own wine and now I will grow my own tobacco.  Self reliance is the new norm – get used to it…

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