Who is your ideal pick for Lieutenant Governor?

Over the past four years, Charlie Baker has repeatedly told anyone who would listen that he was going to let the party, by way of the ballot box, pick his running mate.  Who do you want to see run? Here are a few names being tossed around, anyone missing?

Karyn Polito: Central Mass is buzzing that the former Treasurer candidate and past State Representative from Shrewsbury will run.  Polito is a solid conservative, voted for Lew Evangelidis for Minority Leader in 2009 and brings a strong following in Central Massachusetts to the ticket.  Her apparent palling around with Tim Cahill last election could be seen as a negative. Overall Polito would be a formidable candiate.

Shaunna O’Connell:  State Representative Shaunna O’Connell is that rare member of the lower chamber that has state wide recognition.  The recognition has come due to her steadfast campaign against welfare abuses.  Many activists believe O’Connell should stay in the House, and someday run for Minority Leader.  She would be a dynamic campaigner.

Gabriel Gomez:  Gabriel has talked to Charlie Baker about the race.  His campaign for Senate left conservatives with much to complain about.  Would he survive another primary?

Sheriff Tom Hodgson:  Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson has been popping up at events around the Commonwealth over the past few months.  He’s lending a hand with special election campaigns.  Is he laying the groundwork for a statewide run?  Is Lieutenant Governor that run?  

Have I missed anyone, are you thinking someone else should run? Have it out in the comments.

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