Who in the GOP would you like to see run for AG?

Yesterday we looked at who you would like to see run for Lieutenant Governor.  Today we are going to take a look at the Attorney General race.  Activist circles have been buzzing with chatter about five candidates, here they are in alphabetical order.

Tim Cruz:  Cruz has been the Plymouth District Attorney for just about 12 years. Having been appointed in November of 2001 by Acting Governor Jane Swift.  Cruz is a solid conservative and was many activists pick for Lieutenant Governor in 2010.  He is a disciplined prosecutor, great public speaker and would make a great Attorney General.  Without a sitting Middlesex DA running for the seat, perhaps its another DA’s time.

Lew Evangelidis:  The “high” Sheriff of Worcester County, well really the Worcester District, outperformed Charlie Baker by 2000 votes in the City of Worcester in 2010.  He is beloved in Central Mass, is a former Dade County assistant prosecutor, and a solid conservative.  Evangelidis is not up for re-election until 2016, in effect he would get a free run at this office.

Peter Flaherty:  Peter Flaherty is a long-time Mitt Romney aide, a solid social conservative, and a former Suffolk County prosecutor.  Through his national network of friend and donors through his work on the Romney campaigns he would be able to raise a significant amount of money for this race.  He is also a partner in the Shawmut Group with Beth Meyers and Eric Fehrnstrom.  

Mike Sullivan:  Former US Attorney for the Massachusetts district and most recently US Senate candidate, Michael Sullivan, is a natural fit for this office.  He is a strong prosecutor and capable manager.  

Bruce Tarr:  Bruce Tarr has been a tireless advocate for tough on crime measures at the State House.  Tarr, is a Lawyer with a JD from Suffolk University.  If he’s looking to move out of the Senate, this would be a natural fit.

Are you hearing any other names? Who would be your pick?

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