What are the qualities of an ideal Secretary of State candidate?

“The Prince of Darkness”, Secretary of State William F. Galvin has been the Secretary of State for almost 20 years.  He began his five term run as Secretary of State in January of 1995.  That means our State’s Chief Information Officer has been in office since before the Y2K scare.  

Rather then come up with a list of names of people who could be candidates for Secretary of State, let’s look at, in the twenty-first century, what the Secretary of State is.  In effect the office is that of our Chief Information Officer, the Commonwealth’s CIO. Not necessarily the Chief Technology Officer, but the guardian of the information of the state.

With that in mind, the ideal candidate we as Republicans could have is one that understands modern information systems, and the dissemination of information.  A recently retired information leader who happens to be a Republican would be an ideal candidate.  

Someone who understands how to create and implement modern content systems, to make the dissemination of the state’s public information more transparent, and easier to access.  

The ideal candidate would also be a champion of transparency.  As someone that periodically files public records requests with the Commonwealth it is frustrating when those requests aren’t answered.  A Secretary of State who truly believes  that the government’s information belongs to the people.  A Secretary of State that would push government agencies to put more information online so that you wouldn’t need to file a public records request to begin with.

Besides these qualities, what do you think are the ideal qualities of a Secretary of State. Do you know any Republicans that fit this bill?

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  • ‘Nuff said…

  •    Just another rich boy looking for people to control. ?Loses interest when they lose an election.

      Galvin: I don’t want the right to vote, I want to choose which votes to count. New Bedford 2010. Zero votes for BOTH sticker candidates on the Republican side.

  • …are more important functions than CIO…CIO is certainly important, but the other two are more important in my book.  

    You can dig up an old Howie Carr nickname from the 80’s to slander Galvin and sure, he maybe a bit old school with regards to getting info on line.  But he’s been tough on lobbyists to the degree that the SJC thought he crossed a line (I don’t think he did) in being to aggressive on them.  And without subpoena power, he’s done an incredible job exposing securities fraud.  

    He’s at a point in his career (towards the end) that I think he doesn’t give a sh*t what folks on Beacon Hill think and he’d have made a great AG–especially if your to priority is going after political corruption.  To back up my point, I was talking to a lobbyist last winter and somehow the conversation came around to Galvin and he said, “I’m scared of him”.  That is the kind of public servant we need today.  

    …and really, do you think anyone GOPer has a realistic chance at beating him?