Warren says shutdown is about BC coverage?

I watched the speech by Senator Warren and I was kind of flabbergasted by what she said. Apparently, according to her anyway, the whole impasse is because they insist that all employers provide contraception coverage in their insurance plans. In other words, Scott Brown was right, he sponsored the Blunt Amendment because he knew forcing people to provide birth control was a very radical thing, and it would lead to terrible extremist brinkmanship, shutdowns and gridlock. Warren tries to lie that the fight is just to keep Birth Control legal, which is really sleazy and a prime example of her bad character that we knew about.

Video of speech and transcript here.

If just two more Senators had voted for Scott Brown’s amendment, we wouldn’t be shutdown right now, apparently, because employers wouldn’t be required to provide Birth Control if it was against their religious beliefs. But most employers probably would provide it, so it would only mean that some people would have to purchase it themselves. And no one would “lose access” to it, they would just have to pay for it themselves. And if that bothered them they could change jobs or probably go to Planned Parenthood or some other charity and get it for free (surely PP gives BC to people for free, right?). It isn’t worth shutting the government over birth control coverage.

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