Pacheco Flips Wig on Local Radio

(Mr. Anderson – Send me the audio. We’ll put it up. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Dave Rosa, Republican for the First Plymouth and Bristol state senate district, appeared on WBVF in Taunton yesterday morning.  He had written a letter to the Gazette calling state senator Marc Pacheco out on a phony “green tech” event earlier in the week.

Pacheco himself called in to complain about the letter, and in the course of the conversation, very clearly made a veiled threat of a libel lawsuit against Mr. Rosa, a twenty-year military veteran (retired) and Dighton Parks Commissioner.

I have the tape.  There’s cross-talk but you can clearly hear the threat.

I don’t need to draw you a picture here.  We clearly have a real race, and the Senator is running for his political life.

Dave’s next fundraiser is his Middleboro kickoff 10/29.  See the event and RSVP on his website,, or Facebook at  

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