Marty Walsh Shows His True Colors, and Leads 30 Second Union Union Union Chant.

You might remember union rallies across the nation during the Wisconsin recall elections.  They were there to show solidarity with their Wisconsin Union Brothers and Sisters against common sense reforms.  

One such rally took place in February of 2011.  The Massachusetts AFL-CIO used to have a video of the rally on their website.  The video showed, then Union Secretary and sitting State Representative Marty Walsh leading the rally at the State House.  The video is no longer available on the website.  It is important to note that Marty Walsh was the secretary-treasurer and general agent of the Boston Building Trades council from 2010 to April of 2013 when he resigned to run for Mayor.  

According to Walsh’s Statements of Financial Interest filed with the Ethics Commission of the Commonwealth, the union position paid Walsh over $100,000.  

Luckily for the voters of Boston, Red Mass Group found a copy of the erased video, uploaded by someone else on You Tube.  Here it is.

In the video you see Representative Walsh lead a chant of Union, Union, Union.  A very high brow argument to stay the least.   What is really interesting is what the $100K+ union representative says after the Union Chant.  

Read the text of Walsh’s remarks after the jump.

What happened in Wisconsin better not happen here!  Not because of politicians like me but because of union members like you!  And we need to make sure… we need to make sure that we stand with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin.  Get on the phone let them know that we are standing with them.

The congressman talked about it, the people talked about it. Our grandparents, our great grandparents fought the fight for us, to have the wages we have. Not just here in Boston, but in Wisconsin.  The people who are booing me across the street right now, have their wages benefiting, not because of me but because of the people we have here. Every day.

So lets stand united, we’re gonna stand with the people of Wisconsin….

This is the real Marty Walsh.  The people of Boston should think really hard about who Marty Walsh’s real master would be.  Is it the citizens of Boston, or his union brethren?  This video pretty much answers that question.  

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