Is Joe Malone pulling a Paul Loscocco?

You may have missed it earlier this week when Joe Malone left the Republican Party.  The former Treasurer announced his decision during his weekly appearance on the “Monday Morning Quarterback” segment on Fox 25.  Cape Cod Today has the story:

Joe Malone announced this morning on FOX 25 during his Morning Quarterback appearance with Scott Harshberger, that he is leaving the Republican Party and registering as an Unenrolled/Independent voter.

Like many Massachusetts Republicans, Joe says he’s fed up with the foolishness of the Tea Party Republicans in Washington.

It seems odd that Malone, the darling of the conservative faction of the GOP in 1998 would single out those conservatives as the reason for his leaving the party.  Could there be a more practical, political calculus to all this?

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The day after his Fox 25 TV appearance, Malone allowed his WATD radio show to be used as an infomercial for “independent candidate” for governor Jeffrey McCormick.  McCormick is a wealthy venture capitalist who is a founding partner of Boston Based Saturn Partners.  

McCormick has hired, “Republican Strategist” Todd Domke – as an aside has Domke worked for a GOP candidate in Mass in 20 years? – who went on WATD to sing McCormick’s praises with Malone.  There is an interesting connection between McCormick and Malone that has yet gone unreported.  

Since 2007 McCormick has donated over $70,000 to federal candidates.  Almost all of which has gone to Democrats.  

In 2007 McCormick Donated $2,250 to the Barack Obama Campaign.

In 2009 McCormick Donated $500 to the Alan Khazei campaign, $500 to the Patrick Murphy for Congress Campaign, and $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2011 McCormick donated $25,200 to the Democratic National Committee.

In 2012 McCormick donated $5000 to Tim Kane for Virginia, Kaine is a former Democratic National Committee Chairman; $2,500 to Joe Kennedy for Congress, and $250 to Robert Menendez for Senate.

That is a total of over $65,000 to Democrats in four years.  There were two Republicans that McCormick donated to in that same time period. Both probably on personal friendships.

The first was $2500 in 2011 – offset you’ll remember by a $25,200 donation to the DNC – to Mitt Romney, a fellow venture capitalist.  

The second was Joe Malone, whom he donated $2,400 to in 2010.  

That leads us to a very relevant question.  Is Malone gearing up to run as McCormick’s running mate in 2014?  Is that what this is all about.  Is Malone shaping up to be 2014’s Paul Loscocco, leaving the GOP to run on an independent ticket?

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