“Intense Interest” in Obamacare is crashing servers!

… or so says the pro-Obama media, in their efforts to cover up the absolute disaster of the Obamacare launch.

The numbers of people browsing aren’t terribly impressive in the first place (e.g. California, by far the largest market, vastly overstated its original estimate of over 5 million hits, now revised down to just over 500K in the first day.)

They want to enroll 40 million people and they are overwhelmed by half a million hits the first day? Paha.

Anyway, it seems like the truth is that very, very few people are actually signing up, despite this “intense interest”:

Meanwhile, interviews with health insurers, industry consultants, nonprofit groups and people trying to sign up for coverage suggested that the number was very low. Some companies that are offering plans on the federal site said Wednesday that no one had signed up with them.

“Very, very few people that we’re aware of have enrolled in the federal exchange,” said one insurance industry official, who like many in the industry, spoke on the condition of anonymity out of concern for possibly offending the Obama administration. “We are talking single digits.

A spokesman for one major Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in a southern state said that, as of Wednesday afternoon, it had not received word from federal health officials of any customers who had completed enrollment in the plan – even though a local news outlet had reported about a man who thought he had signed up.


You know what? That’s pathetic.

And it’s even more pathetic that our pathetic, socialist leaning mainstream media carry water for Obama and his bunch of idiots. Kudos to the Washington Post, at least, for publishing the story quoted above.

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