Gun control fanatic seeks tax break for Fenway project

(It is amazing what happens when you change one word on this guy’s billboard how much the numbers go up.

– promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Let’s face it the liberal juggernaut will find a way to get John Rosenthal his tax break. His heart is in the right place on gun control they will say…

The developer of Boston’s ambitious Fenway Center development is seeking $7.8 million in city tax breaks to proceed with construction, saying the $500 million mega-project could fall apart without urgent public assistance.

John Rosenthal said the project’s ability to generate sufficient returns has been undermined by construction costs that have risen 20 percent since the project was approved by the city four years ago.

“We are shovel ready, we’re financed, and we’re standing on third base,” he said. “We simply need a tax agreement to finally bring Fenway Center home and build this city’s first major air rights project in more than three decades.”

Fenway Center is among the biggest and most complicated projects in the city. It would result in a towering complex of apartment buildings, offices, and stores that would cover the ugly scar of the Massachusetts Turnpike near Kenmore Square.

But the project has suffered repeated delays due to legal and financial problems. Its failure would be the second meltdown of a project on state-owned air rights in recent years, following the 2007 collapse of the $800 million Columbus Center development.

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