Conservatives Oppose Orgasms

Conservative groups in New Hampshire are upset that hundreds of UNH students packed an on campus workshop on sex education. After all taxpayer funds should only be used to oppose same sex marriage and reproductive rights.…

Hundreds of university students packed into the MUB’s Granite State Room on Thursday night to hear Megan Andelloux, a sexuality educator and sexologist, give her presentation on “Orchestrating Orgasms.”

Earlier in the day, conservative advocacy groups Cornerstone Action and Americans for Prosperity N.H. expressed their dissatisfaction that Andelloux’s presentation was being funded by UNH’s student activity fee, which comes directly out of each UNH student’s required college expenses and is used to pay for student events and groups.

Andelloux has worked as a sex educator for 17 years, and currently works as a clinical instructor for Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School and the Brown University Pediatrics Residency Program.

Andelloux said she was aware of the controversy surrounding her subject. She noted the controversy has increased in the past two years, to the point where she has had police escorts to some of her events.

“I think it’s really interesting that we’re really focused on that money aspect when it comes to sex,” she said. “That we don’t raise that issue with concerts, and we don’t raise it with politicians. Everything has an agenda, but denying that sexuality is a basic component of health is absurd.”

This might explain why the Tea Party types are so angry all the time.

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