Bravo, Mass GOP, on Tech Tax Repeal

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Despite being a patch of Ruby Red in a sea of Blue, the Mass GOP on Beacon Hill pushed back and forced the repeal of the hated tech tax.

I have written to Go Local Worcester that “Mister Governor” Deval Patrick must assume that every Bay State resident has “Tax Me!” tattooed to his forehead.

Even if people are living off the state, they do not like the idea of the state living off of them.

It’s bad enough that the medical device tax in Obamacare is hurting the already-hurting businesses in Massachusetts. Then in a fine display of confirmed cowardice, Markey and Edwards both vote against the continuing resolution which repeal the very law which they both hated.

Then again, what could anyone expect from Edward “I opposed it, yet I voted for it” Markey?

And Liz Edward’s integrity remains forever dubious, much like her claimed Indian ancestry.

Still, I stand and applaud every Republican in Beacon Hill for pushing back against that tech tax. If a minority, with the entire business class, and voters enraged can push back against the (anti-)Democratic hypermajority, then there is no stopping you from then on.

I have shared your victory with conservatives here in California. We have no reason to complain, because we are just one seat away from taking away the simple two-third majority which California Democrats hold, and they are getting  more scared by the minute.

Thanks again, Ryan Fattman, for the great quote:

“If you want to find a place that his hell for business, it would have a sign that says: ‘Welcome to Massachusetts'”.

Now that “Mister Governor” has repealed the law, maybe now you guys can take on EBT abuse, too!

Great Work, Mass GOP!

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