15 Things About RomneyCare Obama Should Know.

As Barack Obama takes the stage today, the Pioneer Institute put together a great blog post, by Josh Archambault, about the 15 things Obama should know about RomneyCare.

During President Obama’s Boston visit to talk about the ACA and the Massachusetts experiment, it is important to remember some context. Here are a few pictures that help to illustrate the successes and failures of Mass reform.

However, caution should be used when expecting the same results under the two laws, since the laws are different, and Massachusetts is not the same as Arizona, or Texas, or Alabama, or Ohio, or etc…. For example, read five reasons why employer behavior will not be the same under the ACA as it was under RomneyCare, Part 1 and Part 2.  But before we begin, let’s pause to recognize that the ACA will impact Massachusetts in some significant ways.

Click to the blog post, it really is great.

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