The Bay State GOP’s Identity Crisis

Several posts on Gabriel Gomez trend towards a common theme: the man is a soulless, opportunistic Democrat in RINO (Republican In Name Only) clothing who is unworthy of being a member of the GOP in Massachusetts.  

Yet I can’t help but be drawn to a cogent comment recently made by blogger ErnstStavroBlofeld:

Gomez is the most Republican Republican as chosen by the voters. Unlike other names mentioned here of people who have run state-wide, Gomez ran in a much contested Republican primary.  He won that Republican primary handily.  He is not only a self-identified Republican but a Republican as chosen above others in a Republican primary.

Now many among the RMG blogging community may dismiss as distracting piffle the ravings of a blogger who self-identifies with the leader of SPECTRE, James Bond‘s chief nemesis. But  I think s/he makes a valid point.

The state of the Bay State GOP’s identity crisis is such that individuals like Gomez can define the party as he defines himself. If enough voters agree with him, he gets to represent them & their interests (which advances his own). In this regard, Gomez is no different from past Republicans who defined the party the way they defined themselves.

In the short run this approach works if you have the money, organization, & narrative skills to pull it off. But in the long run such an approach leads to factionalism (as opposed to fusionism) which, in turn, leads to a weakened party organization that holds no allure for either loyal GOP activists or voters who seek in an alternative political party a stable organization whose basic, practical principles transcend the petty ambitions of opportunistic power mongers.

The knives that are out today for Gomez will be the same ones that will be out tomorrow for some other individual doing the same kinds of thing that Gomez has done. This cycle of the circular firing squad will continue to leave Republicans continually shaken but not stirred for as long as the party refuses to seriously address its identity crisis. So long as this kind of dysfunctional Republican inaction prevails, the SPECTRE of unchallenged political, economic, & cultural hegemony by the Massachusetts Democrat Party will continue unabated for the foreseeable future.

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