Tech Tax Repeal Shows GOP Message Can Win

The House Republicans were ahead of the curve on this one and kudos to them.  Following the Tech Tax becoming law, business leaders and advocacy groups joined the chorus.  Together, a compelling story followed about the dangers of one-party rule.   Namely, Democrats have shown that without a hearing, with little debate and with no concern for the economic viability of our state, they can pass taxes to fund a bloated government full of waste, fraud and abuse – and that’s just the EBT program.

The MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes has released a web video highlighting some of the Republican State Representatives and their work on the floor of the House during the original debate.   Please take a moment to check it out and sign up to help the MassGOP stop the forever gas tax.  Together, united with a winning message, we will succeed again.…

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  • edfactor

    Hello Director Cunningham!

    This is your first post since you became Executive Director of the MassGOP – so congratulations! Based on your previous posts here, I look forward to you bringing a new sensibility to the role: this is a liberal state, and that we must find innovative ways to succeed within that reality. (A reality denied by half the SC and most people here at RMG, who really believe Senator Cruz-style Republicanism will work here if we just believed. Yeah, I know.)

    As far as the #techtax, it is a marvelous win for the GOP, and for us in the technology sector. (I am a programmer who lives in Brighton and is active in the tech community.)

    Before moving on to the gas tax, I think we should consolidate and build on the gains here. So, sure, the Democrats, in passing the techtax, showed a dangerous disconnect with how our economy works, and to the industry.

    How could they have been so out of touch? I said to my State Senator, (Brownsberger) “You have many hundreds of techies in your district who could have told you in 30 seconds all the problems with this bill. Why didn’t you talk to any one of us before doing this?” He had no answer.

    But the Republicans weren’t plugged into my community either. For instance, right after it passed, our legislators were defeated and demoralized. I wrote messages to Minority Leader Jones and Representative Winslow and told them that this was going to be a huge issue (even though my community was sleeping). I literally gave Jones a map of startups throughout Cambridge and Boston and said he should lead a parade through the city, handing out bills to tech firms and telling them what was about to happen. He appreciated the suggestion, but more or less said it was done. Winslow agreed.

    When my community finally did awake, we got involved. The MassGOP took a few weeks to see the momentum, and belatedly did some good things to help out (forums, for instance). OK. That was good.

    But now, I think the party should, upon the passing of the repeal, make a special effort to stay connected. Perhaps a video from Chairwoman Hughes saying to the tech community “We are here for you” – for example. You might even get some feedback from great tech companies and ask them what they want from government. (I could easily arrange meetings.) You’ll find that while we have typical small business concerns, we also have keen interest in the following:

    – Better public transportation and bike paths

    – An easier time home schooling in a state that is hostile toward it (bet you didn’t know techies are more into that than non-techies)

    – Loosening up current and proposed rules on sick and vacation time (we’ve really innovated in these areas and the rules don’t really work for us)

    – A lower income tax (it isn’t great for recruiting outsiders)

    – A more transparent, technology-driven set of government services (we’re unhappy about how opaque and backward our government is)

    I can think of a few more things, but you get the idea. My community now realizes that we ignored politics at our peril. We need to be at least a little bit involved now. Who will help us with that? I think it should be us Republicans.