Soros Funded Colorado Astroturfers Launch Attack on Baker

Well that didn’t take long.  Our favorite Colorado based Astroturf outfit, Progress Mass has launched its first attack of the Gubernatorial race.  You can see it at that blog that hates corporate involvement in politics, Blue Mass Group – unless of course the coroporation like entity is themselves an LLC or allied with them.

Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen Things Charlie Baker Wants Massachusetts to Forget from His 2010 Gubernatorial Run

progressmass   |   Tue, Sep 3, 2013 5:53 PM EST

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As Republican Charlie Baker gears up to offer Massachusetts a re-run of his failed 2010 gubernatorial bid, there will be numerous extreme positions, gaffes, and efforts to mislead voters from his 2010 bid that Baker will no doubt try to sweep under the rug or Etch-A-Sketch away.  Here is a reminder of a “baker’s dozen” of Republican Charlie Baker’s most embarrassing episodes, many of which he still has yet to fully explain to the voters of Massachusetts.

Don’t let George Soros have a voice in who becomes Governor in Massachusetts. Fight back against Colorado Astroturf today.

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