Screw Marriage and Religious Freedom Act

The Marriage and Religious Freedom Act is a step in the wrong direction. It’s a wolf In sheep’s clothing that is being advanced by the Koch Brothers’ army of fake marriage groups like National Organization for Marriage and the Heritage Foundation. Their support of this law proves they were never trying to preserve marriage, they were always just trying to corral the public into bad arguments that would ultimately result in legal same-sex reproduction and neutered marriage stripped of reproductive rights. They are Libertarian Transhumanists who want to control evolution and replace the natural family with controlled production of genetically engineered people.

What we need instead is a Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act which would end same-sex marriage by prohibiting genetic engineering of human beings and preserving the meaning of marriage as approving and allowing procreating offspring together using the marriages own genes. My bill would mean no state could have same-sex marriages anymore, and therefore there’d be no conflict with anyone’s religious liberty. (Civil Unions could still be offered but not if they give the conception rights of marriage, so marriage would still be uniquely marriage).

Their bill is a sneaky effort to cement same-sex marriage in place. We cannot have same-sex marriage because it means we have to allow unethical attempts at same-sex reproduction and also denies the natural reproductive rights of all people to have their own offspring together with their spouse. Those are both horrible legal outcomes and we can’t stop fighting them. It’s great that we are finally talking about federal laws, but the right federal law is the Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act.

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