Representative Jason Lewis Plays Politics with Marathon Bombing Victims

The Democratic party is using Representative Jason Lewis (D-Stoneham) and a resolution honoring Boston Marathon Victims to stand up for the non-transparent actions of his Speaker Bob DeLeo.  Lewis has threatened Representatives Lyons, Lombardo, and O’Connell, in an email stating that he will hold them personally responsible for Marathon Bombing Victims not being recognized by the House of Represetnatives.  

Red Mass Group obtained Representative Marc Lombardo’s (R-Billerica) email to colleagues about the situtaion, and the email from Represetnative Lewis.

Good Afternoon,

On Tuesday evening, 9/3/13, we were made aware that Representative Jason Lewis had a joint resolution that he wanted to have passed during the informal session on 9/5/13.  Representative Marc Lombardo called Representative Lewis and left a voicemail for him on Tuesday evening.  On Wednesday morning, 9/4/14 at 8:48am, Representative Lombardo received a return call from Representative Lewis.

Mr. Lombardo informed Mr. Lewis that he was aware of his resolution and that he was very willing to work with him to get it passed.  Mr. Lombardo recommended that Mr. Lewis should make a request to the Speaker that his resolution be the first item of business on Thursday 9/5 during informal session and Mr. Lombardo would support having it passed.

Mr. Lewis sent out the email below at 11:19am today.

After the jump you can find the threatening email from Representative Lewis.

Dear Marc, Jim, and Shauna,

As I’ve discussed with some of you, I have a time sensitive resolution honoring the Stoneham Boston Marathon victims that needs to pass the House tomorrow in order to be presented during the opening ceremony of Stoneham Town Day on Saturday.  The resolution has already passed the Senate.

If I’m unable to receive assurances from you by noon today that the House will be able resume consideration of all pending legislative business, including this resolution, during informal session tomorrow, then I will be forced to issue the following statement to State House News and other media outlets.

“A resolution honoring the Stoneham Boston Marathon bombing victims and the heroic response of the Stoneham community to the tragic events of April 15 is currently pending before the House of Representatives.  The resolution has already passed the Senate.  The Stoneham legislative delegation is scheduled to present this resolution during the opening ceremony of Stoneham Town Day this coming Saturday.

Unfortunately, a small number of conservative House Republicans are holding this resolution hostage by preventing the House from conducting any business during informal sessions.

It is my sincere hope that these lawmakers will reconsider and allow this resolution to be adopted by the House in a timely fashion so that it can be presented to the Stoneham community on Saturday as scheduled.”


Jason Lewis

State Representative

31st Middlesex District – Stoneham and Winchester

State House, Room 466

Boston, MA 02133

617 722-2017

The person who can fix this is the Speaker of the House. He can allow access to the day’s bills as they appear in the “can”.  He can restore some sense of transparency to the process.

Representative Lewis’ use of Marathon Bombing Victims as political pawns is reprehensible beyond belief.  

Call and email Represtenative Lewis at:

617 722-2017

and let him know you find his actions abhorrent.

File under Stoneham Weak.

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