Question for Addivinola, Stopa on Postgenderism

I asked this question on Will Brownsberger’s Issues Forum. He is a Democrat supporter of same-sex marriage (though probably ignorant of the possibility that someone might attempt same-sex reproduction, so that might change when he considers the costs of same-sex marriage).

From the wikipedia:

Postgenderism is a diverse social, political and cultural movement whose adherents affirm the voluntary elimination of gender in the human species through the application of advanced biotechnology and assistive reproductive technologies.

Advocates of postgenderism argue that the presence of gender roles, social stratification, and cogno-physical disparities and differences are generally to the detriment of individuals and society. Given the radical potential for advanced assistive reproductive options, postgenderists believe that sex for reproductive purposes will either become obsolete, or that all post-gendered humans will have the ability, if they so choose, to both carry a pregnancy to term and ‘father’ a child, which, postgenderists believe, would have the effect of eliminating the need for definite genders in such a society.

Do you believe people have a right to do that? To actually genetically reproduce offspring as or with either sex? I contend that people only have a right to reproduce as the sex they were born most likely able to reproduce as, only with someone of the other sex, and do not have a right to reproduce with either sex or as either sex. I also believe that Congress should prohibit creating a human being by any method except joining unmodified egg and sperm of an actual living man and woman, and should also “prescribe the effect” (as per the FF&C clause) of marriage as “approving and allowing the couple to reproduce offspring together using their own genes.”

I’m not asking about the state of the science or whether you think it will be possible or popular or anything, just about your beliefs as to there being an abstract right to try it, if it were to become possible in the future, and about your beliefs about reproduction rights of a marriage to use their own genes.

Both Frank Addivinola and Mike Stopa say they are against same-sex marriage, so they should have an easier time answering than any of the Democrats. And both of them are highly qualified experts on the science. If they use their life science and nanotech expertise to explain to voters exactly what genomic imprinting is and why it would be unethical to attempt to reproduce with someone of the same sex, they could win this race by offering to go to Washington to stop postgendersim and same-sex marriage and save taxpayers Billions. No one will be able to dismiss them as crazy, they are both professors and trained expert scientists, coming to explain why we were all wrong about legal same-sex marriage.

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