Live in Marlborough, Westborough or Northborough? If So Danielle Gregoire Thinks You Are Stupid?

If you live in Marlborough, Westborough, or Northborough and are in the boundaries of the 4th Middlesex District, you should probably know that your State Representative, Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) thinks you are stupid.  There really is no other explanation one can arrive at when reading her latest convoluted explanation of her votes to raise taxes.  Gregoire writes, in Marlborough’s Main Street Journal

am writing you today to confirm my earlier statements that at no point did I support the recently enacted revenue package that included the IT services tax.  The language of this tax is vague at best and is proving nearly impossible for small IT providers to decipher and implement.  I one hundred percent support business owners in their attempt to repeal this new tax and will work tirelessly, with any and all interested parties to move this effort forward by whatever means necessary.  

This tax crushes the innovation economy in the Commonwealth, a vital mechanism for economic growth now and in the future.  It is our job as legislators to balance the needs of government with those we serve and with the interests of the private sector in order to overcome this recession, grow jobs and stabilize our economy.  I think our focus, as a whole, should remain on reducing overspending and abuse by continuing to address EBT reform and other public assistance programs before putting further strain on our already overburdened businesses.

With the recent implementation, questions on my voting record have surfaced.  I cannot be clearer:  I did not and will not support the transportation finance package, which included the new IT tax (roll call 69).  At no point did I intend to vote for the bill and at no point did I vote for this piece of legislation.  In questioning my votes, my political opponents have pointed to one amendment to the bill which would have removed the IT tax.  I did not support this amendment for one reason:  I did not support the underlying legislation.  

I challenge my opponents to stop using parliamentary minutiae for political gain and join the bipartisan effort to repeal this tax for the sake of our businesses and middle-class families and to keep Massachusetts moving forward.

Let us explore what Danielle means by “Parliamentary Minutiae”.  It’s not hard really, it’s a Roll Call vote to strike the tech tax from the transportation bill.  It was that plain and that simple.  Red Mass Group reported on this during the summer of 2013.

eally Representative Gregoire?  You did not support the IT tax?  Let’s look back at the record.  According to the Journal of the Massachusetts House of Representatives a vote was taken on Monday April 8, 2013 on Amendment 45 to the Transportation Finance Bill.  This amendment would have stricken the software services tax from the final bill.  Danielle Gregoire voted against this amendment as can be seen in Roll Call 53.  

When given the opportunity to directly remove the software services tax from the legislation Gregoire voted for keeping it in.  Then on final passage, the overriding of the Governor’s veto, she voted to override the veto and make the whole bill law.  

It’s pretty simple, Representative Gregoire voted against removing the Tech Tax from legislation she knew was going to pass.  Thus voting for the tech tax, the direct action of her vote was to leave the tax in place.  Then she voted to override the Governor’s veto of the tax package, the direct action of which was the institution of this tax.

Maybe she doesn’t get how the legislature works.  Or maybe she does, and knows that like in 2010 when she lost because of her support for massive tax increases, she’s poised to lose again next fall and she thinks her constituents are too stupid to understand that voting for a tax is not mere minutiae.


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