Go Away, Mr. Gomez

The last thing the Massachusetts GOP needs is a Republican US Senate candidate who not only loses, but gives people more reasons for people to think that the Republican Party has lost its fire power, its bearings, and its aims.

I am writing candidly about Mr. Gabriel Gomez and his recently published Boston Globe Op-Ed.

He admits that he was wrong to oppose an assault weapons ban. He should have declared his support for staunch gun control measures.

He might as well have sided with Markey and diagnosed gun violence as some epidemic, or some disease which a nice bottle of pepto bismol could cure.

Yes, drink a little more of the pink stuff, and you can wretch away the gun violence in our communities.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Gomez is as red as Republican as the pink stuff he wants to foist on Bay State voters.

A Democrat in attitude and outreach, Gomez appealed to “Mister Governor” Deval Patrick with an open letter espousing his love and admiration for Barack Obama. Mo Cowan got the interim seat, and Gomez took another chance to replace recently appointed Secretary of State John Kerry.

Markey stepped up against Stephen Lynch in the Democratic primary. Most moderates chose Lynch, but Markey won. Gomez bested two other Republicans, real Republicans because they were not Obama cheerleaders.

Gabriel Gomez types are the real RINOs. The problem is not that they are not too liberal or too conservative. They are incompetent, unconnected, and inconsistent in their campaigning, in their character, and in their calling. How can a Republican run for any office yet champion the Democratic President? How can a candidate support Keystone XL yet believe in climate change? Gomez wanted to lower taxes, yet raise the minimum wage. That’s a tax in itself, Mr. Gomez! You the financial officer should have known that!

At any rate, Gomez claims that he has changed his mind about an assault weapons ban, and he wanted everyone in Massachusetts to know about it. Of course, his course correction has nothing to do with politics.

I would have a better chance of finding Ed Markey in Medford than I would believing Gomez has any motivation greater than vetting himself for statewide office.

Please, Mr. Gomez, go away. You have thrown away any remaining vestiges of integrity with such a blatant, pivoted about face.

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