FEC should provide all candidates with websites

The FEC should provide, free of charge, fully functioning fully set up compliant websites to all candidates running in elections for public office in the country. They should be customizable of course, with several themes and color schemes and layouts available and the candidates own positions and priorities, but all the donation stuff should be provided by the FEC so that candidates don’t have to worry about compliance.

We should not let websites decide elections. I remember back in fifth grade, we had an election for class president. All the candidates had “campaign managers” who were basically the best artists who could make the coolest campaign posters. I loved making posters, so I was psyched when my friend Eric Bloom decided to enter the race, with me as his campaign manager. I remember that afternoon at home, I was asking my mom for help like I always did, what should my poster say? I had all my magic markers ready. My brother had a good zinger: “Why don’t you make it say, “Vote For Eric Bloom, because he has such a great campaign manager?” Well, that’s exactly what I did, along with a cut out of my face on Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties box. Everyone thought it was funny, but Eric didn’t win. Sorry Eric.

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