Conservatives and Winslow Shut Down House Again Today, Speaker Stops Lewis’ Bombing Resolution

For the third consecutive informal session, House Conservatives, this time joined by reformer Dan Winslow shut down the house over access to bills.

When the session started today, Representative Dan Winslow(R-Norfolk) asked the acting speaker to see the bills in the “can” he was denied.  

After that, in an effort to increase transparency, Representative Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) asked to have all bills read before passage.  He was told that would take unanimous consent of all those present, it was clear that the Democratic members in the House Chamber would not consent.

Lombardo then asked for a recess so he could review the process for moving a bill to the front of the queue so that Representative Jason Lewis’ (D-Stoneham) resolution to honor Marathon Bombing victims could be passed.  Lombardo then moved that Lewis’ bill be brought to the front of the queue so that it would pass.  This failed as well.

As an aside Marc Lombardo has told Red Mass Group that when he informed Representative Lewis of his plan to do this Lewis told him that it was not Lombardo’s right to move that.  It is the Speaker’s perogative. Lombardo reports Lewis said.  Further proving that it was the Speaker not the conservatives that killed Representative Lewis’ resolution.

After both the attempt to have all bills read in a show of transparency, and the movement of Representative Lewis’ timely resolution failed.  Representative Jim Lyons (R-Andover) doubted the presence of a quorum.  The Acting Speaker agreed and the session came to an end.

In a tweet shortly after the end of session Representative Lombardo said that “transparency took another hit today”.


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