Coakley’s in for Governor: What now for the GOP?

NECN is reporting that Martha Coakley will announce a bid for the Governor’s office.

Will Dan Winslow now run for AG?

Which Republican is going to run for Treasurer?

If the GOP doesn’t pick up a statewide seat in 2014 it most certainly will be more difficult in 2016, a presidential year with Liz Warren at the top of the ticket.  

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  • Don’t make any ads or do any campaigning, just let everyone flock to the voting booth to vote against her. Only Baker could screw this up.

  • …you’ve got plenty of things wrong.  First of course is that you didn’t read RMG’s front page about Winslow resigning and taking a corporate job.  Also, Senator Warren’s term is up in 2018, as she was elected in 2012 and her term is for six years.