Advocate: Create a baby from stem cells?

The Advocate recently (October 2012, don’t know how I missed it) reported on more research on same-sex reproduction: Create a Baby From Stem Cells? Research Suggests Possibility

A breakthrough in fertility research lays open the possibility that gay and lesbian couples could someday have children who are completely their own, genetically speaking.

Researchers at Kyoto University in Japan have created eggs from stem cells in mice and used them to produce healthy offspring, NPR reports. They first used embryonic stem cells, then repeated the results stem cells created from adult cells, such as blood or skin. The same team previously created sperm from stem cells. “Stem cells can morph into any cell in the body,” observed NPR reporter Rob Stein.

If the results from mice could be duplicated in humans – a far-off possibility, granted, but scientists say mice are sufficiently similar to humans that it could happen – same-sex couples could create their own sperm and eggs and join them to have a child.

“There are lots of lesbian and gay couples who would be very excited about the possibility for the first time of being able to have children who are genetically their own,” Hank Greely, a bioethicist at Stanford University, told Stein.

Hey, don’t worry about the ethical or social implications, because “scientists say mice are sufficiently similar to humans” so “it could happen.” Yes, it could happen but so could a human-dog hybrid or a baby with green glowing skin, so could anything happen. Just because something could happen doesn’t mean we have to allow it to happen, we have an obligation to consider ethical issues, social implications, and fiscal costs, and there is certainly no right to reproduce with someone of the same sex that overrides those concerns, and no need.

Congress should enact a Natural Marriage and Reproduction Act to prohibit creating a human being by any method other than joining a man and a woman’s unmodified gametes, and prescribing the effect of marriage as approving and allowing the couple to procreate offspring with each other.

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