5 Things: BAKER IN!! SHNS on Shutdown, Leg Priorities, DeLeo our for Claros Opponent, and more

Charlie Baker Running For Governor

The worst kept secret in Massachusetts Republican Politics is a secret no more.  Multiple news outlets are reporting that Charlie Baker will announce for Governor tomorrow.

The Boston Globe reported that Baker will use social media to announce his candidacy for governor and will later speak with reporters. The Globe cited several unnamed leading Republicans in Massachusetts as sources.

Baker did not return e-mails from The Republican/MassLive.com. Phone messages were also left at his office and home in Swampscott.

Baker, 56, is former chief executive of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and former secretary of administration and finance under two Republican governors.

Fire up the engines we can win back the corner office.  The campaign starts now!!!

SHNS Reports on Today’s Legislative Shutdown

The State House News Service via the Lowell Sun, reports on today’s legislative shutdown by conservative lawmakers.

The House adjourned quickly Tuesday without dealing with any legislation, shortly after Rep. Shaunna O’Connell of Taunton was declared “out of order” by presiding officer Rep. Paul Donato when she began the 11 a.m. session by asking from her seat whether she could examine legislation “in the can.”

House leaders then had no choice but to adjourn after Rep. Marc Lombardo (R-Billerica) doubted the presence of a quorum with less than a dozen members on hand for business in the 160-seat House. A similar dispute prevented the House from conducting any legislative business last Thursday.

The Democratic Party is getting testy about this.

Rep. Theodore Speliotis (D-Danvers), the chairman of the Committee on Bills in Third Reading, said the issue turns on decorum and courtesy to the House clerk to allow him to do his job. Speliotis said many of the bills that are taken up during informal sessions come out of his committee.

“We have no secrets. If they want to ask me, what’s the difference if I tell them ten minutes before or ten minutes after?” he said. “The true power of every individual member is there in an informal. All they have to do is say the word pass.” House leaders over the years have regularly given members more time, or even pushed bills off until the next session, when House members asks that a bill be passed over.

Legislative Priorities Outlined

The Democratic power-brokers are getting their legislative priorities ready for the rest of the year.

Among the high-profile issues the Legislature is likely to grapple with in the fall are gun control, welfare reform and proposals to increase the minimum wage.

A bill calling for stronger oversight of compounding pharmacies could also face a vote in the coming weeks. A fungal meningitis outbreak traced to tainted steroids produced by a now-defunct compounding pharmacy in Framingham last year killed 63 people and sickened hundreds more.


Bob DeLeo Comes to Worcester for Claros Opponent, Claros Responds

Bob Deleo came to Worcester today for Carol Claros’ Democratic opponent, who is the hand picked machine candidate.  Carol Claros responded with an op-ed in today’s Telegram and Gazette.

I strongly believe that state government should work for us. That’s why I have an accountability plan which includes:

•Ending the legislative exemption from the Public Records law.

•Ending the legislative exemption for the Open Meeting Law.

•Ending the legislative exemption from the Fair Procurement Law.

•Prohibiting legislators from collecting per diems.

•Requiring the Ethics Committee to be bipartisan. Presently, the Ethics Committee membership is bipartisan but is dominated by the majority party. Congress has equal membership to ensure the politics are taken out of ethical inquiries.

•Requiring the state auditor to conduct a comprehensive audit of the legislature yearly.

•Stopping the bundling of amendments to create more transparency within the budget.

•Prohibiting legislative members from serving in leadership if he or she has been indicted.

•Prohibiting felons from collecting pensions while incarcerated.

As your next state representative, I pledge to you to be accessible by holding weekly office hours. Boston is too far for constituents to meet with their legislator. By holding weekly office hours, I’ll be accessible to you.

Read the rest it’s great!

Boehner <3’s Obama’s Syrian War

John Boehner, drastically misreading the growing libertarian base within the Republican Party, has said he is with President Obama on Syria

The Ohio Republican says the use of chemical weapons must be responded to. He says only the United States has the capability and the capacity to stop Syrian President Bashar Assad and warn others around the world that such actions will not be tolerated.

Said Boehner: “This is something that the United States as a country needs to do.”

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