What would you rather drive – the vehicle on the left or the vehicle on the right?

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The vehicle on the left is the hybrid electric/combustion Chevy Volt.  Due to disasterous sales the price has been dropped 12.5% from a staggering  $39,995 to $34,995.  YTD Chevy has sold 11,643 Volts to customers who are supposedly clammering for alternative power vehicles – at least that is what you hear when Obama talks.  At 100K miles the battery in the Volt has to be changed out at a cost of thousands of dollars, and you need an electric recharger at almost every stop.  It will take a lot of driving to get to 100K miles considering the battery has to be charged every 38 miles.  Ugh!  Does your office have an electric vehicle recharger out front?  Ya, mine neither…

The vehicle on the left is a new Suzuki hi tech scooter.  Not only is is sweet looking, but it gets about 90 miles per gallon.  It looks like many of the new modern scooters available in 'new' condition with prices of $1,500 up to $4,500 each. For another $1,000 or so you can get a snazy sidecar.  Some of the new scooters get mileage close to 110 mpg.  You don't need a 10 mile long extension cord and it doesn't cost a fortune to own one.  Nor does the US government need to offer a federal tax credit in order to entice you to buy one.  Did you know that most states don't require a helmet for scooters?  And for scooters you don't need a special license.  It is just a sweet ride that is in high demand and easy to aquire – ya know, like capitalism ought to be…  If you are concerned about driving in the rain you can always get the scooter with the covered sidecar.  I don't recommend using one for long 'high-speed' distances and honestly you can't legally take one on most interstate highways, but for local errands it is a sweet ride!  

So which vehicle would you chose – the one on the left for $35K or the one on the right for about $4K? If you thought about this question for even 3 seconds then you should ask yourself if Gov't Motors is pursuing the right strategy of trying to force Chevy Volts on customers at the expense to taxpayers around the country?  

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