We Offer the Alternative

(Will this become a weekly message from Keiko? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

We offer the alternative. We have different approaches in the GOP but when we focus on the idea that we are all in opposition to progressive Democrat policies we become a formidable force.

Different yet working to oppose the Democrats: Rep. Brad Jones with Sen. Bruce Tarr offered a transportation plan that addressed the issues without raising taxes. Rep. Shaunna O’Connell has been out in front on the EBT issue and with the help of the Republican Leaders’ Office and media exposure is working against fraud, waste, and abuse. Rep. Vinny DeMacedo is quick to point out the errors of our Democrat colleagues in the media.  Rep. Jim Lyons has persevered in his efforts to expose exorbitant non-profit salaries. Rep. Geoff Diehl is working to tank the gas tax. The entire GOP caucus in both houses is working to expose transparency in government and the problems that exist on Beacon Hill. These are all efforts to oppose the policies of the Democrats. We have different methods and different issues but we provide the alternative. We are the ones who are there to stand up as a voice for computer companies, small businesses, restaurants, and the taxpayers.  

We are opposed to increased taxes, loss of freedom, and the expansion of government. We know that pushback is good and we will ask the tough questions for the greater good of the Commonwealth. We know that there is mismanagement and a lack of accountability in government and we know that we can use our taxpayer dollars more wisely.

We must rally around the huge issues that the Democrats have given us and work together to win in 2014. Their message of job-killing tax increasing legislation is obvious to independent voters and these are the voters who will propel us to a Republican victory. They have miscalculated the intelligence of the people of the Commonwealth. They have relied too heavily on their wide majorities in both chambers to pass legislation without considering the consequences. We will prevail with big wins in 2014 if we can band together and support each other’s issues to provide the alternative to their misguided policies.  

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  • I totally get the point of these posts – unite the different so-called factions to be able to win and promote “our” ideals.

    But here is the problem – the “We” that is mentioned.

    Forget about extremists or some ultra tough test of conservatism. How about making it just as simple as the rest of that sentence: opposed to increased taxes, opposed to the loss of freedom, and and opposed to the expansion of government.

    If “we” had a candidate that had those things, I don’t think you’d have any complaining. You would see the party united (as it did around, for example, Leah Cole).

    And note that there are no social issues in there.

    So would Gomez pass this simple test? Possibly, but it didn’t seem like he made the case that he does. When those around here are knocked for not backing him, can we revert to this simple and elegant rallying call (as in, for the issues that we will rally together for)?

    Did Brown v2012 pass that test? He did in the special.

    Did Romney?

    Push for lowering taxes and limited government. It’s just that easy. And you will be able to unite – the other issues will seem ancillary and reconcilable.