Scrap Tech Tax: Open Letter to state Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton) by Dean Cavaretta

12 August 2013

An Open Letter to Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton):


Sen. Eldridge, I was very discouraged to learn recently your support of one of the biggest, boondoggle pieces of legislation in the history of the Massachusetts General Court. The so-called new MA ‘Tech Tax’ or more officially known as the state sales tax on computer system design services. This is by far the single worst piece of legislation you have ever supported during your liberal tenure in the Legislature.

As competitors for the MA State Senate, we debated in-depth, our different visions for the MetroWest, Nashoba Valley and Merrimack Valley Innovation Economies. Your vision called for higher taxes, centralized health care, Washington D.C. solutions for new jobs, and special tax giveaways to politically-connected, green companies like Evergreen Solar. My vision called for serious and proven reforms in Transportation Project Delivery, Local Control of Education and Marketplace Solutions for our world renowned health care institutions, from Worcester to Marlborough and Framingham to Ayer.

All of these differences notwithstanding, we could not be farther apart on this new tax on MA Job Creators you erroneously supported. Even before this public policy train-wreck, the Commonwealth already had the highest taxes on computer and software services in the nation. Your misguided vote makes it much more difficult for start-up companies in Westborough, Southborough, Hudson, Acton or Devens to compete in the marketplace (or even comply with new MA Dept. of Revenue regulations on tax collections) and create the private sector jobs of the future.

Under your watch, and over 4 years since the “end” of this Recession, we sadly have an entire generation of young people sitting idle – our Generation Y workers still unable to find full-time work with decent benefits and wages.

The shortsighted idea of funding state transportation projects with a NEW, confusing tax on one of the fastest and growing sectors of the Middlesex and Worcester Economy will go down as one of the biggest anti-jobs pieces of legislation ever forced upon our medium and small business enterprises throughout our region.

Sen, I call on you to apologize for not adequately reading the bill; and reverse your position by introducing legislation that would immediately abolish this new, MA Tech Tax destined to crush the software services industry throughout our entire state senatorial district.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dean Cavaretta

2012 (R) Candidate for State Senate

Middlesex and Worcester District……

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