Play to Win

(Keiko knows special elections! – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

This year is turning out to be the year of special elections. We have already been through several big ones and are in the midst of several more. We have had some successes and some failures, but one thing is for sure. Our team needs to win special elections to save our Commonwealth.

As someone who has won a seat in the state legislature in a special election, I would like to offer some insight, and a plea for help for all of our candidates. Our Grand Old Party wins in special elections because our voters are motivated for change and will turn out to vote. We have truth and common sense on our side, but we must continue to learn and get smarter about our game and that includes understanding the importance of teamwork. We must work together to win.

In my special election I benefitted greatly by having State Committee people, Republican Town Committees, MARA, the Coalition, Red Mass Group, Tea Party leaders, members of the State Legislature and other grassroots activists from our district working side by side. The effort was so focused that as a newcomer to State Politics, I did not even realize that there were divides that existed amongst these various groups.

This is also what we saw in Leah Cole’s race with our current GOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes working alongside our current National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier  to provide the resources and volunteers that are necessary to win. This cohesive focus is what will help us win in the Claros, Steinhof, Humason, and other special elections. In order for us to win, we must have every part of the Republican Party working together.

By working as a cohesive unit and putting aside differences we can advance the goal of restoring health to our party and to our Commonwealth. Everyone has a role to play and this is where we can shine as the party of real change for a better future. Real change will come when we can show that we are hard workers with a plan that protects our liberties, puts us on the path to financial stability, and gives us a sense of pride.

We will not see eye to eye on everything, but we are all on the same team. We must fight the insidious policies of the Democrat majority by working together to solve the problems facing our Commonwealth. We are a party of patriots who will roll up our sleeves, work hard, respect others- including those in our own party, and stand firm to protect the taxpayers. By winning seats in these upcoming special elections through teamwork, we will enter 2014 with momentum and a grassroots team that is motivated to win big.

Will you join me in putting aside differences for the benefit of all citizens of the Commonwealth and help our candidates in these special elections? There have been others before us and others who will come after us, but this time is ours. Let’s play to win.

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