On Herald Radio, Gingrich Says MassGOP Can Rise Again, Mentions Rising Star Ryan Fattman

This morning former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Boston Herald Radio’s Jaclyn Cashman and Hillary Chabot.  During the interview Chabot asked Gingrich if the MassGOP really had a future in Massachusetts. Gingrich gave a stellar answer.

He focused on the fact that before he got politically active the Georgia GOP was in worse shape than the MassGOP, he mentioned our recent governors, and Scott Brown.  When speaking about the future he talked about conversations he has had with Ryan Fattman about how to grow the party through ideas.  The YouTube video below has the audio of the exchange.

Gingrich is exactly right here, and he knows something about taking over a legislative body.  Given a choice between being a silent member of the minority or leading, Gingrich decided to lead.  As Minority Whip he continually attacked the majority Democratic Party, but he also offered an alternative, the Contract With America.  If Fattman and the other GOP Sophomores and Freshmen are looking to follow that mode, we’ll have a great 2014.

As for Fattman’s response, he’s on his honeymoon, but did post on Facebook in regards to Gingrich’s comments… “Stay Tuned for September”  

We are.

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