MassDem Flip Floppers in Full Spin Cycle over Tax Vote

The Tax Flip-Flop Dozen Set Cycle to Full Spin

When the legislature voted to override Governor Patrick’s veto of the transportation bill with its half billion dollars (minimum) in tax hikes, a dozen Democratic legislators changed their vote, and voted to override the Governor’s veto.  A vote to sustain the veto, if made by 54 Representatives would have killed the tax hike legislation completely.  The whole legislation would have had to be started over again, from scratch.  Taxes would not have gone up immediately.  

The twelve representatives were:

James Arciero        James Dwyer

Brian Ashe           Colleen Garry

Sean Curran          Danielle Gregoire

Josh Cutler          Paul Heroux

Stephen DiNatale     Thomas Petrolati

Diana DiZoglio       Jonathan Zlotnik

Those same representatives are now furiously trying to spin their vote as not for higher taxes, which it was, but against the Governor who wanted to raise taxes.  

Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) wrote a column on the subject yesterday in the Attleboro Sun-Chronicle.

My vote to override the governor’s veto was not a vote for higher taxes – I voted against the gas tax in April. My vote to override the governor’s veto is the way that I and many other responsible legislators guaranteed that we did not have to vote on a bigger tax package that the governor wanted. We chose the lesser of two evils. Let me explain.

It was well known by now that the governor vetoed the Legislature’s transportation tax plan because the governor wanted a nearly $1 billion spending plan.

However, Republicans, in not voting to override the governor’s veto, actually helped move the governor in the direction of the higher tax plan, which was the governor’s goal all along.

Republicans claim that they wanted no new tax at all, which is why they say they supported the governor’s veto. This “no tax hike” is wishful thinking at best, but political spin in reality and they know it.

The full spin cycle is in effect up in the Merrimack Valley as well, take this from Eagle Tribune:

Two local Democratic freshmen state legislators are frustrated that Gov. Deval Patrick’s veto of the $500 million transportation bill put them in the position of having to vote for an override that increased taxes.

Rep. Diana DiZoglio, D-Methuen, and Sen. Kathleen O’Connor Ives, D-Newburyport, said the veto meant they had to vote to override him even though it meant the transportation bill funded by increases to the state gasoline tax by 3 cents per gallon, the cigarette tax by $1 per pack and the application of sales taxes to certain software upgrade purchases would become law.

Both women voted against the proposal earlier because they opposed a tax increase they feared would push more of their constituents to shop across the border in New Hampshire instead of in their hometowns. And both said they still oppose the increases.

The vote opened them to attacks of changing their votes or buckling under pressure from their leadership and labels of being flip-floppers, they said.

You can tell we are winning the media cycle on this, because the Dems are in full spin mode.

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