Idea for #RNCSummer: $1m X-Prize for ActBlue clone

So, the RNC is in Boston. This is a good thing.

Those of us here in the MassGOP are seeing ourselves extinguished from state politics. (We are three seats away from being eliminated from one chamber in the legislature!)

It is time for a lot of bold thinking from the national party. Here’s one thing I think that the RNC, or some other Republican group could do:

Offer $1 million to anyone – no questions asked – who can deliver a working copy of ActBlue’s 10 most important features within 6 months.

(Just the software piece – others can do the PAC/legal paperwork.)

X-Prizes have worked well in a number of fields, and in this case, it would be the best million dollars the party ever spent, as the return on investment could not be more obvious.

ActBlue has gone from a clever experiment, to a minor nuisance, to a big reason we are losing. They have raised $400 million since they were created – yes, here in Cambridge, MA! – and the fact that we don’t have one is insane.

There have been some half-hearted attempts at a Republican competitor, and I keep hearing rumors about a clone in the works, but I have heard these rumors for too long. (If someone else is doing this, they could even enter the competition themselves.)

It’s time for some bold action. It’s time for an X-Prize to get our own version of this tool. Sure – we could add some features they don’t have, and I can think of some clever ones – but right now, we just need to catch up.

Can the RNC or some wealthy donor step up and make this happen? We need this yesterday, but six months would be just fine.

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