Heroux Responds Yet Again

Representative Paul Heroux (D-Attleboro) who voted to override the Governor’s veto thusly voting to raise taxes, responds again to Red Mass Group.

What a joke this statement is… “Does it really matter how one votes on every section of a law, if the main part of the law is a tax hike, and you vote for final passage Representative Heroux?”

You attacked Rep Cutler for voting for the gas tax index after he voted against the gas tax so by what you do, rather than say, you do seem to find that sections of the law matter. The GOP attacked Rep Bill Bowles for voting for a tax hike before he voted against the final budget that contained that tax hike.

In April you singeled no Dem out by name. In July you singeled out Dems by name. You do not seem to know what the word highlight means. I don’t often see someone dig their heels in so bad when they are proven to be mistaken on a matter. You named Dem names in July but not April.

And if you put so much pride in conservative values you are not thinking of the people, you are thinking of the ideology. Reps represent diverse communities and those Reps who do their best to represent in a diverse way, like I do, are thinking of the people, not the ideology.

Rep. Heroux, it’s not me making outlandish claims as to what has happened it is you.  I see things pretty black and white.  Under our constitutional form of government, a vote to override a veto is a vote for the underlying legislation.  It is as simple as that.

As to Cutler and Bowles.  Yes, if you know that a bill is going to pass and vote to put a provision in that bill, even if you don’t vote for the final bill you’ve voted to support that provision.  So yes, Josh Cutler, in addition to voting to override the Governor’s veto, thus for higher taxes, did vote to index the gas tax to inflation.  That was a vote for infinite tax increases.  And yes Bill Bowles voted for higher taxes on a specific roll call, even though he voted against final passage of a bill.

You know who agreed with that sentiment.  The voters of YOUR district who voted him out of office because of it.  You might think of that next time you say you vote how your district wants.  Because your exact district has shown a propensity to vote out those that raise their taxes.

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