Heroux keeps up conversation

State Representative Paul Heroux keeps up the conversation with Red Mass Group.  In response to his comments, shared with RMG readers yesterday. I responded that I did in fact let people know of the vote of 55 legislators against this bill in April.

Heroux responded with the following email to Red Mass Group.

Are you kidding?! Providing a link to everyone which you did in april not the same highlighting one person, which you did recently. there is a difference between the definition of general and specific. Joke! Providing a list of 12 dems is highlighting. Providing a list of all is not highlighting. Totally different standards. You did not highlight me in April in the same manner that you singled me out just now. I get it that it is your job to make dems look as bad as possible, but do you honestly believe your own nonsense?

Furthermore, if, as you say, it is equally plausible that there would not be another vote, then the gop position is in theory just as dangerous as the dem, if it is equally plausible, which it s not. the fact is that the gop reps took an easy vote. there was no killing funding transportation revenue this session. there was no way the Speaker wasnt going to not fund transprtation with additional revenue. He said this was his number one priority at the beginning of the term. it is a fact that a bigger plan would have been voted on this year, and i would have voted against it. I break with dems a lot on votes… Far more than any republican breaks with their party.

I get it that you all want to pick up a seat here and there. Just be honest with your self about your motive, be honest with the people by presenting a fair assessment of dem votes. I have personally written on more than one occassion that the gop vote against the budget wasnt about voting against funding important social programs, although i could spin it to say that. Try being fair with my intention. I voted against the lesser of two evils, not for a tax hike. The gop voted against only one consolidated amendment in budget. I think it was tourism. Does that mean they dont support tourism? No! Steve howitt said to me the gop voted againt the consolidated amendment because it wasn’t enough, not because they were against it. That was his reason. I am not attacking that reason even if the consequense seems to be the same.

Give the politics a rest for a change. Try building people up for a change instead of attacking them by ignoring their intentions and presenting them in only a bad light. do you honestly think i intentionally wake up and wonder how to waste my own, my moms and my dads and my friends tax dollars? no! i am trying to serve people, as i did when i worked in the massachusetts prison system, Philly jail and my home town community ymca.

Does it really matter how one votes on every section of a law, if the main part of the law is a tax hike, and you vote for final passage Representative Heroux?  

Also, you may want to ask the Minority Leader’s office if I’m just a mere partisan.  I think they would have a different take than you.  And I do build people up when they vote in a consistent conservative manner, after all I am a conservative.  Just ask Jim Miceli (D-Wilmington).  If I lived in his district, I’d help his campaigns against anybody at any time.  I even endorsed him over a Republican last year.  He has been a consistent conservative for decades.  More so than many members of my own party.

I’d also like to remind you of an old axiom, “politics ain’t beanbag” as they say.  

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