GOP Needs New Leadership On Beacon Hill

The recent revelations that House Minority Leader Brad Jones has acted as an enabler for Beacon Hill’s majority party in the House of Representatives should come as no surprise to long time Republican activists.

Jones has been & will continue to be an apt symbol of GOP impotence. He is comfortable with a status quo that he hopes will reward him with perks & a nice pension once he retires from public life. He has no interest in rocking the boat. He has no interest in effectuating genuine political change. Jones is content to play a faux opposition leader & he gets away with it because too few within the party call him out on it. Most of them are too busy fawning over his fake leadership credentials & his manufactured “celebrity”. Want to see human self debasement in action? Check out the Republicans who get weak at the knees and gush over Jones when he deigns to acknowledge their presence.

The GOP State Committee should have as an agenda item a meeting with both Jones & Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr in order to determine why both men have failed to advance Republican ideas & elect more Republican candidates. Is that likely to happen? Not with the current makeup of the membership. Members of the House GOP, however, should instigate among themselves some serious discussions about a post-Jones era on Beacon Hill. It’s LONG overdue.

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