Five Things: Worcester Urban Renewal Eminent Domain, Claros Fund., Boldyga milks goat and more….

Worcester <3s Kelo Decision

Worcester, Massachusetts is planning on doing their best Connecticut city impersonation, and planning on using eminent domain to seize buildings from property owners they feel aren’t utilizing their property correctly.  The Telegram has the story.

Now they are threatening to wrest ownership of the small, indoor shopping center at 22 Front St., across from City Hall, from longtime owner Dean Marcus.

The tool that they could use to take over the mall – and other deteriorated downtown buildings – is eminent domain, the power of government to seize private property for the greater good.

And the vehicle for the exercise of that power is the newly reconstituted Worcester Redevelopment Authority. The long dormant quasi-public agency, which has eminent domain authority, has been rejuvenated with $500,000 to develop a formal urban renewal plan, the required legal precursor to any eminent domain takings.

“How long when you are a person of means can you sit on a property that does not serve the interests of the community?” said District 2 City Councilor Philip P. Palmieri, whose district includes the mall and who has been calling for years for the mall to be redeveloped. “A couple of major property owners shouldn’t be able to unilaterally adversely impact growth in our city.”

That kind of sounds, Councilor Palmeri, like the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.  Isn’t this still America?

Carol Claros Fundraiser in Shrewsbury

Karyn Polito is headlining a fundraiser for Carol Claros in Shrewsbury later this month.  

Republican Women Leaders’ Reception

                 Honorary Chairwoman

                             Karyn Polito

                     Host Committee

   State Representative Shaunna O’Connell

             State Representative Leah Cole

Kirsten Hughes, MA Republican Party Chairwoman

                       Desiree Awiszio

                    Mary Connaughton

                       Beth Lindstrom

                       Holly Robichaud

                         Hannah Kane

Chanel Prunier, Republican National Committeewoman

    State Committee Woman Bonnie Lund Johnson

  State Committee Woman Mindy McKenzie-Hebert

                The Honorable Jody Dow

         Angela Davis, Secretary of MA GOP

   Join these GOP Women Leaders for a

          Special Reception in Honor of

                         Carol Claros

Republican Candidate for State Representative

               Tuesday, August 20, 2013

                           7 to 9pm

           Italian American Victory Club

                     26 Dewey Road

                     Shrewsbury, MA

Stan Rosenberg says Software Services tax was Deval Patrick’s idea.

According to a link I shared on Saturday from, the next presumptive State Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Upper Happy Valley) has said the software services tax was all the Governor’s idea, and the legislature didn’t pay that much attention to it.

According to State Senator Stan Rosenberg (current Senate Majority Leader, and the next Senate President) the proposal came from Deval Patrick’s office and was driven by the Department of Revenue and rubber-stamped by the majority of the state legislature (35-5 and 123-33).

The implementation of tax laws rest with the Department of Revenue. They did not raise the questions being raised by the industry and their opinions drove the process. The Legislature followed the lead of the administration as it was their proposal and the Legislature believed they could implement the new tax based on the information provided by Patrick’s administration.

It is the job of the Administration to set up the rules and regulations to implement the new tax law. If they are having problems implementing it they will have to come back with recommended clarifications.

What a great excuse, kind of reminds me of Shaggy, “Wasn’t me”.

Cambodia’s Sam Rainsy Visits Lowell

In 2002 as a member of the executive board of the Lowell Republican City Committee, I had the honor of meeting Sam Rainsy.  I came to learn that their are three factions in Cambodion political life, Hun Sen (the remnants of the Khmer Rouge), the Royalists, and the Sam Rainsy Party. (now the Cambodia National Rescue Party).  The latter is headed by Sam Rainsy and is the liberal, in the classical sense, party in Cambodia.  Many of Rainsy’s supporters in Lowell were also members of the Lowell Republican City Committee at the time.  

Rainsy recently visited Lowell again recently and the Lowell Sun has the story. (Warning video auto loads).

In Cambodia, corrupt government officials continue to grow richer by trampling on the human rights of the rest, said Lak, an engineer from Providence, R.I., who was deported from the communist-ruled country 30 years ago. But, seeing fellow expatriates stand united with Rainsy — the opposition party leader who says he won the minister post in last month’s general election — is giving Lak hope that changes are coming.

Rainsy’s election is disputed; the ruling party says it retained power, which Rainsy said is election fraud. So expatriates must help promote democracy in Cambodia, former Lowell City Council Rithy Uong said. He wants the U.S. government and the United Nations to become involved in the vote recount.

Rainsy said that’s what he wants, too. He hopes fellow Cambodians living overseas push the international community into helping bring about a free society in Cambodia. And, expatriates are answering his call.

“I have never seen such a massive momentum of people wanting to change,” said Rainsy, a 20-year political veteran, as he faced cameras flashing from the standing-room-only crowd. “There is no turning back,” he said.

Listening to Rainsy, one gets the impression that you are in the presence of Cambodia’s Thomas Jefferson.  His ideals are very similar to the ones that founded our own nation.  Rainsy said something very interesting that has always stuck with me, even these 11 years later.  He said that the foundation of freedom is something as simple as a Registry of Deeds.  That if there is no central place to register who owns the land, that every one agrees is free from corruption, than nobody truly owns their land, and nobody is truly free.  Its amazing how something we take for granted, and grumble when we have to pay deed stamps, is something he considers a foundation of democracy.

Nick Boldyga is Goat Milking Champion

Don Humason may be running to fill the seat vacated by Sen. Mike Knapik (R-Westfield).  But when it comes to milking goats, Rep. Nick Boldyga (R-Southwick) is the undisputed heavyweight champion of Hampden County!  ABC 40 has the story.

State Rep. Nick Boldyga, Sen. Mike Knapik, Mayor Dan Knapik and other 4-H representatives spoke on behalf of Hampden County 4-H.

Rep. Boldyga, Sen. Knapik, and Mayor Knapik kicked off the ceremony by battling to win a traditional goat milking contest.

the 4-H and Youth Fair also featured sheep, poultry, horse, dog, goat, rabbit, and beef shows, as well as raffles, a fun run, food, entertainment, chances to win ribbons, and much more.

In the end, Boldyga’s skill as a goat milker proved to be too much for the competition as he took first place in the friendly competition.

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