Five Things: RNC in Boston, Beaton Floor Speech, Steinhof Event Well Attended, and more…

RNC in Boston

Today is the day that the RNC Summer Meeting starts in Boston.  It will be new National Committeewoman Chanel Prunier’s first RNC meeting since being elected to fill the remainder of Kerry Healey’s term.  The meeting takes place at the Boston Westin Waterfront on Summer Street.

Some highlights are a luncheon with Newt Gingrich today, and a Welcome to Boston reception featurning Maine Governor LePage and Gabriel Gomez.  The Boston Herald prepared a handy welcome guide.

Matt Beaton addresses half empty chamber during tax debate

When your Massachusetts Democratic legislator tells you they were blindsided by the software services tax, and its onerous effects, remind them its probably because they didn’t attend the debate on the tax.  Matt Beaton made note of that in June.

The retroactive aspect was stricken.

Steinhof Event Well Attended

Bristol County Elected Republicans held a successful fundraiser for David Steinhof yesterday in New Bedford Fall River.  Sheriff Tom Hodgson, and Representative Keiko Orrall amongst others were there.  Here’s a picture of Hodgson addressing the crowd.

Heroux off to China and Possibly North Korea

For those of you wondering why we haven’t heard back from Representative Paul Heroux again on the tax increases, it is because he’s on a, personally paid, trip to Asia with the Kennedy School of Government.  He was prepared to go to North Korea, but the North Korean Government denied his visa at the last minute because he sometimes blogs at the Huffington Post.  

We’re sure he’ll pick up the discussion when he returns.

John Kerry hires allies at State

Is this really a story?  You would expect a cabinet official to take along his inner circle when he gets that posistion.  The Boston Globe deemed it a big enough story to give it ink space, and well I couldn’t think of another thing to round out the five.  Since no other GOP reps appear to have played with animals this will have to do.  

The State Department’s would-be arms control chief, Plymouth native Frank Rose, was once John Kerry’s 17-year-old intern. Harvard Kennedy School scholar Sarah Sewell, who was first enlisted for his 2004 presidential run, has been nominated to take the reins of human rights policy.

From the agency’s chief of staff to its Mideast peace envoy, the new secretary of state has filled the top rungs of the State Department with numerous advisers from his 30-year political career in Massachusetts, according to a review of his six-month tenure.

Secretaries of state have always had leeway to name their own top officials, but Kerry, like Hillary Rodham Clinton before him, is one of the few politicians to hold the top diplomatic post in modern times. That gives him a deep network of loyal political supporters and experts to take on leadership positions.

While enlisting many familiar faces from policy circles, Kerry has also frequently promoted from the career ranks of the Foreign Service and elevated more women to senior posts, according to his supporters in the department.

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