Five Things: Prof U Sets Herald Straight, Christie at RNC, Brown wants us to get along and more..

Professor Ubertaccio Sets Herald Straight on Mass GOP Heritage

You may remember the Boston Herald being a little snarky earlier this week at the apparent dearth of Republicans in Massachusetts.  Well Professor Ubertaccio, one of the Mass Politics Profs, set them straight.

That’s a missed opportunity for there is a rich GOP history here that Republicans across the country can be a part of.  So let me offer a small corrective:

Paying Respects

Start you day outside of Boston and lay flowers at the grave sites of two Speakers of the U.S. House from Massachusetts.  Frederick H. Gillette is buried at the Pine Hill Cemetery in Westfield and Joseph W. Martin Jr. is buried at the Mount Hope Cemetery in North Attleboro.  Or two prominent US Senators: both Henry Cabot Lodge and his grandson, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. are buried at the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge & Watertown.

Then reflect on the contributions to the Union cause by the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, authorized by Republican Governor John A. Andrew  Their memorial is just across the street from the State House.

There’s a lot more…

Chris Christie wins over RNC crowd

The Boston Herald reported on the closed-door Chris Christie speech at the RNC Summer Meeting in Boston.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s message to a national GOP audience that hasn’t always been willing to listen to him was as much about his brash, hard-charging style as it was about his bipartisan substance, and struck a chord with an array of Republicans yesterday, say operatives who watched the 2016 White House prospect generate a standing ovation in a closed-door address.

“His message was simple: ‘Listen, you stick to our values, (be) straightforward about them, you tell voters how we feel and why we’re doing what we’re doing, you can’t lose,’ ” Ron Kaufman, a Republican National Committeeman from Massachusetts and former Bush adviser, said after Christie addressed a packed room at the RNC’s summer meeting at the Westin Waterfront.

“His style is really good,” Kaufman added. “It works in New Jersey, it works in this room.”

Scott Brown Wants GOP to Get Along With Each Other

Here’s video, via the Herald, of Scott’s speech at Fenway Park last night.

Aaron Vega Says RMG Didn’t Factor Into Decision

Yesterday, in the Five Things, we had a little fun at Aaron Vega’s (D-Holyoke) expense.  Just thought maybe our little toll hiking expose might have given him pause.  Well Aaron Vega wants you to know it didn’t.  He even sent us an email to tell us.  Here it is:

Thanks Robert for the attention from the ReD Mass Group but no your post had nothing to do with my not running.

Have a great day

Aaron Vega

5th Hampden Representative

Room 134

I will have a great day Aaron, hope you do too. Enjoy the double dipping as you teach a class at a state University!  Does that add to your pension calculation?

Eno looks at 40

Looking over some government documents, most notably my birth certificate, it seems I’m about to turn 40…  This Monday, August 19, 2013.  To help celebrate my impending mid-life crisis there’s a FREE admission birthday party on Wednesday August 21, 2013 in Auburn, MA.  

A good friend, and Young Republican, Sarah Blodgett, of hosts a monthly comedy show at Chuck’s Steak House in Auburn.  There is no cover.  To support a fellow GOPer, I’ve decided to use this as my birthday party.  

What: Rob Eno turns 40

Where: Chuck’s Steak House – Route 20 – Auburn MA

When: Wednesday August 21, 2013

Time: 7:30 Gather, Comedy Starts at 8:00

Feel free to stop by.

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