Five Things: Herald on Spilka, Wolf Should Challenge Ethics in Court, Vega Out and more……

Boston Herald Labels Spilka Flip Flopper

Great minds think alike.  On the heels of blog post yesterday, the Boston Herald also focuses on the flip flopping nature and political expediency of Spilka’s position.

“I’ve heard from a lot of tech businesses and a lot of people – more than I think we normally hear from,” said Spilka. “There’s a lot of information that has come to light about the tech tax and the potential impact. … It’s the opposite message we want to send the tech industry.”

Asked if she still would have introduced the bill even if she weren’t running for Congress, Spilka replied, “Absolutely,” but also denied having any regrets for voting for the tax.

“No, I voted on the best information I had at the time,” said Spilka. “There wasn’t the human outcry that there is now.”

Karen, sorry but the Republicans in the legislature shared with you how bad this was.  Also you didn’t have public hearings, so how could you hear the public’s position if you shut them out of the process?

Brad Jones and Bruce Tarr had particularly pointed words for Spilka.

“It’s not lost on me that she’s a candidate for Congress and that we found out about her filing this bill in the media as opposed to an email to her colleagues,” said House Minority Leader Brad Jones.

Critics of the tax accused lawmakers of not doing their homework.

“We were on a very dangerous path of tax-first, ask questions later,” said Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, whose two amendments Spilka voted against. “There was such a rush to increase taxes that a lot of time was not taken to fully consider this.”

File under… Flip Flop Hooray Ho!

Dan Wolf Should Challenge Ethics Ruling in Court

It is not often that I agree with my good friends over at Blue Mass Group.  On the issue of the Ethics Committee ruling on Dan Wolf’s eligibility to run for public office I certainly do agree.  It is preposterous to me that someone that owns a business that pays the state money for a service can’t run or hold office.  David Kravitz is challenging Wolf to man up and fight the ruling in court.

Wrong, Dan.  If you think they are wrong, it absolutely serves the public for you to take on the Ethics Commission in court.  Of course, the Ethics Commission is supposed to be a “watchdog of state government.”  But, to beat a metaphor to death, watchdogs can sometimes jump the fence that keeps them where they’re supposed to be, and then go on a rampage through the streets, biting innocent people who weren’t intruding on their territory at all.  When that happens, somebody needs to get that watchdog back inside the fence.  And that seems to be basically what’s happened here.  That unwelcome task has fallen to you.

It’s important that the Ethics Commission – an unelected and basically unaccountable group of individuals whom at least 99.9% of MA residents (including me) cannot name – be free from interference in properly carrying out its mandate.  It’s equally important, IMHO, that the Ethics Commission not go beyond that mandate, in the process depriving the people of MA of the services of honorable public servants.  As you yourself asked, “‘How does getting me out of the state Senate and out of running for governor serve the public good?'”

Answer: it doesn’t.  So, Dan, get your lawyers to draw up the papers.  If the Commission was right, the courts will say so, and you can then step away knowing you really did have no other choice.  If they were wrong, you’ll have done the people of Massachusetts a service.  Win-win.

Fully agree here.  If Wolf thinks he is being singled out, it is his duty to challenge the ruling.  

After Red Mass Group Post, Vega Bows Out

Well I don’t know if I can take complete credit for Aaron Vega deciding against running for senate a day after he said he would. It is interesting to not that his decision came on the heels of being featured on Red Mass Group for voting to institute tolling on the Western Turnpike.

Although it seems a natural transition to bring my energy, passion and experience from the House to the Senate, it feels perhaps a bit too soon,” said Vega. He took out nomination papers for a possible Senate run on Monday.

“Again, I want to thank everyone who offered encouragement and support as I considered this opportunity,” he said.

Not only took out papers, but designed a new logo for a new facebook page.  All signs pointed to him running.  Funny how things happen, not that we had anything to do with it here at little old Red Mass Group.

Da Tech Guy has great on scene RNC reporting

I was only able to stop by the RNC meetings for a few moments yesterday as I delivered a print job and met some people.  With a day job I couldn’t afford the time to hang out.  Pete “Da Tech Guy” Ingemi, on the other hand has found a way to blog full time and was there.  He’s got lots of video and a pretty good wrap up here.

RMG Under-reports Steinhof Event

Working on just a single photo, Red Mass Group gave David Steinhof some love in the five things yesterday.  State Committeewoman Patricia Saint Aubin informed me that it was a much better event than I was portraying.  Here’s her email to RMG about the event.  

There were many of us in attendance last evening working it for Dr. David Steinhof.  It was SRO with over 100 in attendance.

In addition to those mentioned, Senator Scott Brown, State Senator Bruce Tarr,  Representatives, Diehl, Porier, O’Connell, Barrow, and Howitt were also present, in addition to Sheriff Hodgson and Representative Orrall.

State Committee Members, Becky Levesque, Mark Townsend, Tim Sullivan, Mike Gilleran, Kim Palmer and myself were also helping.

Thank you for advertising/promoting David’s campaign.  His Special Election is 9-10-13 and he needs all the help he can, if you can advertise further he would be grateful.

His event last evening could not have been more electrifying!

If you would like to monetarily assist David’s Campaign you can do so at this link to his Piryx site.

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