Five Things: Dan Wolf ACORN Organizer that Shut Down a McDonalds, Gregoire Lies to Chamber & more.

Dan Wolf’s ACORN Organizing Past

The Daily Caller obtained video showing, State Senator Dan Wolr – who is set to resign on August 29 – talking to a crowd at the Tatnuck Bookstore on Tuesday August 20, 2013.  He regales the gathering with stories of his ACORN organizing past.  Including how he shut down a private small business – a McDonalds Franchise – in Cambridge, MA. That took place when Wolf was a Union Organizer.

“After I got out of college I moved to Boston for a while, worked on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester and Roxbury working for a group called ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now,” Wolf said as several audience members began clapping.

“We should clap. You know, we can not continually push back [inaudible] the other side on issues where we really have been doing the right thing and doing it for the right reasons and then put to shame, which ACORN was I think for pretty wrong reasons,” Wolf said, referring to ACORN’s disbandment after it was revealed that ACORN employees were willing to help a faux-pimp with his business activities.

“And then I did some union organizing. We were trying to set up a union called the United Labor Union, which was an offshoot of ACORN aimed at organizing minimum-wage and low-wage workers in everything from some of the factories in Alston we organized, and also, we actually organized the McDonald’s in Central Square, which then shut down. Which was kind of an interesting strategy,” Wolf said.

Here’s the video:

Wolf Clarifies – Will Resign if Ethics Commission Doesn’t Change Ruling

Dan Wolf is not challenging the Ethics Commission in Court.  He has told Cape Cod Online that his decision is tentative based on an appeal to the Ethics Commission.

Cape and Islands Sen. Dan Wolf, who announced his candidacy for governor in July, will resign from the senate and suspend his gubernatorial campaign on Aug. 29 if the state Ethics Commission does not change its conflict of interest ruling against him, according to a statement released early this morning.

When considering a run for governor, the Harwich Democrat, who is the founder and CEO of Cape Air, said he met with Ethics Commission staff in May to make sure there were no conflicts between his ownership of Cape Air and his service as the state’s top executive.

The article further states that Wolf is working on taking steps to divest in Cape Air completely if necessary to run for Governor.

State Rep. Randy Hunt, R-East Sandwich, said recently that the responsibility of appointing the Massport board would pose a conflict for Wolf if he were elected governor. In that scenario, Wolf said last week, he would take steps to “no longer have a financial interest.”

The most extreme option, Wolf said, would be permanently separating from Cape Air, which he was prepared to do, he said during the Aug. 12 interview. He is also considering less extreme options such as creating a blind trust, but said he is awaiting further guidance about his options.

MassDems Chair John Walsh Whines that MassGOP “complains too much”

State House News Service reported yesterday that the Mass GOP attacked Governor Patrick. John Walsh then said the party complains too much.

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh, who is transitioning to a job as a Patrick political aide, said the GOP is too negative and fails to appreciate the positive developments in the state. “It is absolutely amazing to me the degree to which the Republicans in Massachusetts believe that the way to win is to run down the state. They acknowledge nothing that’s good, and they exaggerate everything that’s bad,” said Walsh. He said, “When Massachusetts enjoys success they denigrate it. When Massachusetts hits a bump in the road, they celebrate it.”

The Commonwealth has fewer jobs today then when Deval Patrick took office. The Commonwealth has a higher tax burden today than when Deval Patrick took office. The Commonwealth has abrogated its responsibility to police pharmacies and people have died since Deval Patrick took office. The Commonwealth has had a crime lab employee falsify evidence sending upwards of 40,000 people to jail – possibly erroneously – Since Deval Patrick took office.  The list could go on, Chairman Walsh remind us again of how we’ve had good times in this state?

Danielle Gregoire Lies to Metrowest Chamber of Commerce

Yesterday, the Metrowest Chamber of Commerce held a monthly breakfast. The topic was how the Tech Tax would affect your business.  Reports from the event say that Danielle Gregoire continued to lie that she did not support the tech tax.  

Red Mass Group has forwarded a copy of the blog post where we showed how Gregoire voted on the tech tax to a member of the Chamber who will be circulating it.  

Gregoire has a history of being a one term and done representative.  It’s nice she is keeping the seat warm for a Republican again.

Widmer Column on Software Tax

Michael Widmer, the head of the Mass Taxpayers Foundation, has penned a guest column in the Herald News arguing for a Tech Tax Repeal.  He focuses on the fact that the Foundation did express concern, which is counter to what Karen Spilka and company are saying.

Beginning in mid-May the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation held a series of meetings with House and Senate leaders to share our analysis that the tax would have a much broader impact than legislators and others had apparently understood. We warned that there would be a firestorm if the tax were enacted – the very firestorm that is now engulfing the Legislature.

Having gone down this path, state legislators face a choice: repeal the tax and protect the future of the Massachusetts economy or go to tortured lengths to defend a tax that business leaders, the media, and the public all understand will hurt our economic future.

Unfortunately, most legislators have chosen the latter course, ignoring the damage they are causing by not repealing the tax. A notable exception is state Sen. Karen Spilka, who recently filed legislation to repeal the tax.

I’d rather they not, and we pick up seats and get a repeal through a ballot initiative at this point myself.

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