Don Humason is a Solid Conservative

Sources are telling Red Mass Group that Mike Franco has decided to run in the special election to fill Mike Knapik’s former seat.  The reason seems to be that Don Humason is the “establishment” pick for the senate seat.  While the establishment may be lining up behind Humason, in no way is he an establishment pick.  

Part of the misconception is that Don Humason has a very good ability to disagree, without being disagreeable.  Lets look at the recent history.

In 2009, now Sheriff, Lew Evangelidis and others waged a fight for the House Republican leadership.  It was a fight in which they came up a couple votes short.  Don Humason was with Evangelidis and company.  When the vote for speaker was cast, the legislators supporting Evangelidis over Brad Jones voted present for Speaker. It is customary to vote for the Minority leader if you are a Republican.  You can see this vote on page 7A of this linked PDF.

In addition to this vote, which wasn’t very establishment, Humason supported Rick Green in this year’s fight for Party Chair.  

When RINO Hunting, we should train our sights on actual RINOs.  Humason is as far away from that as you can be.  

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