Dizoglio vs Lyons on Raising Taxes

Yesterday on Tom Duggan’s “Paying Attention” radio program Methuen Democrat Diana DiZoglio, and Andover Republican Jim Lyons debated, for an hour, DiZoglio’s vote to overturn Governor Patrick’s veto of the Transportation Finance Bill and it’s higher taxes.  DiZoglio is trying out the line of the twelve House Members who changed their vote from against the taxes to supporting them, by voting with the Speaker.  

The spin from these 12 Democrats is that if they didn’t vote to overturn the veto the Governor would have raised taxes further.  Of course this belies the fact that only 33 representatives, all Republicans and three conservative Democrats voted to uphold the Governors veto, and hold the line against taxes.  Simple arithmetic tells you that 33 + 12 = 45.  This is nine votes short of the 54 needed to not overturn the veto, and have the bill die.  They chose to give cover to the raising of taxes.  It is plain and simple.  

Here is the audio of the rumble.

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