Dan Wolf In MAJOR hot water with Ethics – Must Resign Senate and Quit Campaign

(This just seems weird to me.  What about the legislators that are CPCS Attorneys?  Can we go after them as well?

I do know that at least one Republican State Legisator had to stop contracting with the government upon taking office. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

On Friday, Dan Wolf was told of a requirement that he must either liquidate his 23% ownership of Cape Air or quit his run for governor AND resign his State Senate seat.  He is appealing the decision.

Because Cape Air has received no bid contracts with MassPort, Wolf has a major conflict that cannot be rectified, as long as Cape Air keeps space at Logan.

According to the finding:  

Consequently, to comply with the law, he must do one of the following:  terminate the Cape Air contracts with Massport, entirely and permanently divest his holdings in Cape Air; or resign his current position and discontinue his campaign for Governor.


And if you didn’t know – Cape Air, which Wolf owns 23% of, gets about 20% of its income from a controversial federal airline subsidies program – more than $20 million out of about $110 million in annual revenue.

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