Breaking: Rob Cunningham Named Executive Director of the MassGOP

Update:RMG has further learned that the vote of the Executive Committee was unanimous.

Red Mass Group has learned that, at a meeting of the MassGOP Executive Committee this morning, Robert Cunningham of Plymouth has been named as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Republican Party.  This is a great move on their part.

Cunningham was the architect of Scott Brown’s 2004 special election to the Massachusetts Senate. A special election which took place on the date of the Democratic Primary where John Kerry was on the ballot. He knows how to win elections.

Cunningham is a true believer in the grass roots and in door-knocking our way to victory.  Recently he has helped many campaigns, and was named by Campaigns and Elections magazine as one of the Top Republican politico’s in Massachusetts.  He’s one of those people who has always been present in the background helping to shape strategy.  

I welcome Cunningham, a frequent RMG contributor, in his new role.  Onward to victory in 2014.  

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