Addivinola, Stopa, or Tierney? Primary October 15th

(Tom Tierney is a perennial candidate that has been running for congress as either a Democrat or a Republican for 30 + years.  It’s time for him to go away. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Attention folks! We will have a primary on October 15th to pick who will replace Edward Markey in Congress: Frank Addivinola, Mike Stopa, or Tom Tierney. All three are strong candidates who have run for Congress before, though I had never heard of any of them, because they ran against entrenched incumbents so the media gave them no chance. This time, they will be facing first time Congressional candidates with no name recognition or experience with national issues, and so people will be asking who is running on the Republican side?

As Ed Markey helpfully pointed out, only a Republican can accomplish anything in the House, as Democrats are “stifled” and ineffective in the Republican-led House. Massachusetts has no influence on the direction of Washington because we have no Republicans in the House, which controls the tone and agenda of Congress. So here in the Fifth, we have an opportunity to not only give Massachusetts a voice in the House, we also have a chance to influence the Republican party, neither of which we have had since Scott Brown’s brief term (which was in the Senate of course, and so he was stifled by Harry Reid too). I think people remember the benefits of having a Republican in Washington, where Brown often led the way out of gridlock by forging a moderate position, and will gladly vote for another Republican.

Whoever wins on October 15th will have a very good chance to be our next Congressman, so we Republicans have two months to hear Frank Addivinola, Tom Tierney and Mike Stopa debate the issues and hone their messages. Let’s help them raise their profiles and practice their speeches and sound bites. We have THREE quality candidates and really can’t go wrong!

(Updated 3:10 PM, after learning of Tom Tierney’s last minute entry in this story on MetroWestNews: Ballots set for 5th Congressional District primaries)

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